Before and After- Green Buffet

I decided to start a blog for a few reasons. I thought sharing before & afters and behind the scenes to my process might be fun to see and to give a place to show inventory and locations to see my pieces in person. So, lets get to it!

When I came across this one I had green in mind from the start. I thought the bright pretty green and white knobs would be a nice contrast to the dark wood.



I lightly sanded the top and a few spots around the body, just enough to let the milk paint grab the wood. I wanted this piece chippy so I did not use a bonding additive (I rarely do), I like how crazy milk paint can be… Most of the time.


I have a studio to paint in…but making a mess inside my family room is just easier, right? I grabbed some hydrangea paper I had on hand from another dresser.


This is my daughter Audrey photo bombing my staging photo. Stinker.


This piece was a lot of fun, the color variation in the green is the best part. I love this color and paint so much. Here’s the final shots… available at Poppy & Co in Tacoma. If you haven’t been to this shop it’s beautiful and full of super talented artists, that are over the moon talented. I consign at the Tacoma (765 Broadway) location and Seattle (1307 1st Ave) location. They are both a must see!




30 thoughts on “Before and After- Green Buffet

  1. Your work is beautiful! I’m really impressed with all of the details in your furniture, they’re so fun to look at! Congrats!

  2. Looking forward to following your new blog! I’ve enjoyed seeing your work on fb and at Poppy & Co…lovely technique and you have a real talent with styling your finished pieces for the camera! Keep up the inspiring work!

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