Pretty colors and sneak peek of a black beauty.

I’ve been painting like a mad woman this week on a huge custom job, the color pallet is soft and sweet. I don’t do custom jobs very often and I forget how fun it can be working with clients (and how crazy easy chalk paint is!). I’ve been working partly in their home and partly from mine.  I love it. Usually I paint at night when my kiddos are sleeping and I should be. It’s a nice change of pace.



My husband stayed home from his class today to help around the house while I painted from my studio today on the smaller custom orders. A lucky girl I am! Half way through the day, I was itching to paint this beautiful dresser…seriously, she was calling my name.


So I decided to dig in between dry times on my other projects. I feel like a painting machine…my studio is a mess and I am so happy! I prefer milk paint on most of my creative pieces, I really like the character in the finish and I’ve been painting with chalk paint all week. It was nice to get back to a little chippy heaven. Oh man she turned out pretty!


I am one knob short, so if I can stand it I will have to wait to share the finished piece until I get the other one in the mail. I might break and just pick out different ones. I have no patience.

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