Before and After–Driftwood Dresser with Pink knobs

This sweet little dresser was a pretty easy make over. I knew I wanted pink knobs from the moment I bought her, she just seems dainty and I like the wow of these huge knobs. I was just deciding between a neutral.When in doubt Driftwood is always a good choice. I’ve never been disappointed. She’ll be heading to Poppy & Co. Tacoma Friday morning for $468 40L,20D,36T.





Heres a before… (Sorry for the terrible phone photo)


My husband has been creating the coolest things lately, one of them I am so excited to share but it will have to wait until Friday. It will blow your mind… I hope so anyway. It definitely knocks my socks off, so much that I requested a custom one just for staging my furniture. After we put the kiddos to bed last night, I painted and he worked. Its nice having a partner to paint with. I found myself rambling for far to long to admit, when I lifted my head from painting and apologized for explaining how I feel about waxing and poly options. He’s such a good sport. The lamps he has been working on are available now too… $120 for the dimmer in the cord and $130 for it to be a touch anywhere dimmer.


He also makes these sweet baby/dog/ or anywhere gates… image



Ok that’s it for now… 🙂



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