Oh, for the love of paint!

If you are a painter, crafter, artist or anything else creative.. I’m sure without a doubt you hold it dear to your heart. Acceptance, encouragement and even criticism is on the forefront of our minds. As much as we don’t want to let it in, it’s there. And oh man, it can lift you up and then throw you down. Designing a piece of furniture is art to me, even before a business…seriously! I enjoy every minute of the process. I take a lot of time to plan the design of each piece. This process is so important to me that it impairs my ability to make any real money. And that’s ok (I hope)! I set out knowing design over a dollar is what mattered most. When a customer buys a piece from me, they are literally funding more creations….and I could not be more thankful and honored! 🙂


I was recently asked (sort of) why different artists prices vary or why pricing in different locations vary? I can’t answer that for everyone but I can give you a little insight into my boat. I have taken careful planning into my business position of a               “consigning artist” at now, 3 locations! Woot woot! For now this is just where I need to be. From a business perspective, I choose carefully where each piece makes sense. For me and for the location. Each location gives me (and my customer) a different opportunity. I try to price with a number of things in mind…my cost, overhead, and other surrounding artists. When I pick furniture to paint, I look for rare pieces but also pieces that fit who I am and what I am inspired to paint. Admittedly I probably pay to much on the pieces I really love, I just believe its worth it! I pass on a lot, and I am ok with waiting to find the perfect piece. On average I spend 4-5 hours per piece sometimes more, in prep, paint and sealer. Hardware, paper and paint …oh my! This is where I play. I often spend up to $40 just on paper… And hardware, it is a weakness, enough said. Obviously I try to save money if I can, and price accordingly when I do so. Having different locations broadens my ability to purchase more and offer a range of price points when given that opportunity. Simply because of how my profit is affected in each location. Each store I consign at or each piece for that matter, has different overhead to come out of my price.Sometimes it’s just worth every penny to make your design come alive. Often times, artists bring home just enough to keep their businesses going. At this point, I’m ok with that…I’m more than ok with that. I am grateful for that! I know people on all ends of this spectrum. I admire them all for everything they do, you find what works for you and make it happen. I respect it, whatever your way might be. I am beyond grateful for all of you taking the time to read this and for your support of local (and not so local) artists. We would not be able to do what we do without you. 🙂

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