Before and After–Aiden’s Blue Empire

I remember being fascinated with furniture even when I was little. Especially statement pieces. I always thought one day I would own a super awesome dresser with tons of character and bright color. Of course my “fascination” sorta spun into something I could have never imagined. Now I swap pieces out with color changes but secretly I am always looking for special pieces that fit my heart. I sold a yellow empire dresser last year that I wish I would have kept.


Since then I have been looking for something really unique to fit my sons room. I ended up finding two empires randomly one day and decided to buy both! In this business if you find a good piece…always take it, right?


I’m really glad I chose to keep the one on the left, it needed so much work. I didn’t even realize half of it before I started putting it back together. It was in 3 pieces to start, the tracking was missing in the top drawers, all the stoppers, there was a massive split in the top and overall it had some sway. :-/ after slowly…and I mean slowly fixing it between other projects, I was finally ready to paint. I wanted a navy of sorts to match my little guys room but went through 3 shades before settling on Soldier Blue by Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. I loved the original wood pulls, so those were staying and I lined the drawers with grey and white houndstooth.




I have a custom white buffet I am finishing up today,another for the store and I pick up 18 pieces on Sunday! A lot of pieces found homes last week, I have a lot of painting to get going on! Just the way I like it!










2 thoughts on “Before and After–Aiden’s Blue Empire

  1. That is the third piece I have seen this morning painted in Soldier Blue. I love it. Did you use it full strength, or did you lighten it with white?

    I am going to order some today,

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