Driftwood Buffet … the labor of love!

First let me begin by saying that I have missed so many great posts lately! The beginning of the school year was beyond busy for me and I was really focusing on settling into a new routine, preparing my oldest for Kindergarten and keeping up with the new pace of furniture demands. All wonderful exciting steps in great directions, but it took a lot of focus on my end. I’m finally wrapping my head around my work load… most days.

This piece came with a matching dining set that was a really fun project that I used Antique White by General Finishes with a mix of solid and dry brushing (one of my favorite things to do). It creates so much character without mixing the busyness of other colors. I’m not awesome at tutorials, I get to excited about my project to stop and take photos! I did grab this for a progress shot on my Instagram.

unnamed (4)

I drew an arrow pattern on thick craft paper and then cut it out to the length that I needed for the table top. I used spray adhesive to hold the arrows in place. Then I did the dry brush technique over the paper arrows, when the paint was dry I pulled the paper away and did a pretty heavy sand to blend the stencil pattern. I wanted it to be a very faded and subtle image.

unnamed (2)
unnamed (3)

unnamed (4)


Next up was the matching buffet. I have to admit this piece was one of those pieces that had everything go wrong, that could. I could have finished 3 in the time it took to complete this guy. But like anything, Im glad I stuck it out. It always feels good to get to the finished product. This one is painted in Driftwood by Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. one of my all time favorite go-to colors.






I’m working on a custom piece that is beautiful! I will share soon!


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