Before and After– A Pretty Buffet

This piece had my heart from the beginning. I love little mini buffets like this, maybe because the options are really endless for the design and function. Every time I score one of these babies… I always seem to paint it right away, because I just cant wait! I met the sweetest couple today that came over to buy a dresser. I was telling them about how weird and silly it is that I get so attached to the pieces I work on. I really do. I put a lot of thought into the detail and design and I love meeting people that get that. It feels nice sending my creations to their new homes where it will be appreciated and loved. Each piece is a piece of time that has a long story of places they have lived. Even though they are only with me for a short time, I would like to think that I am fixing and restoring and maybe adding a little beauty before I send them on to another home.

This one had a number for repairs that needed to be done. I drove 2 hours round trip to pick her up AND I paid to much for the condition…but I have no regrets. With certain styles, its worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I chose General Finishes Milk Paint in Antique White, beautiful Anthropologie knobs and Spoonflower paper. I actually did a very subtle hint of gold on the legs too!
Here she is….

11037885_442006952625163_9086614422621850754_n 10296613_442007419291783_7716489961888070781_n 18103_442007405958451_5370199861338238248_n 11025815_442007359291789_3494651964850448136_n
This was so much fun to work on. The details really do make the piece. The Anthro knobs and beautiful Spoonflower paper (artist:@ivieclothco) match so well. This paper is a perfect blend of fresh and modern and still subtle, I just love it.

I have another really pretty empire buffet to work on (hopefully this week). My studio is a horrible mess and I work best when its clean and organized, but yet I am very messy when I work. You can imagine my struggle… its so very real. 😉

Hope you have a great week!


9 thoughts on “Before and After– A Pretty Buffet

  1. Beautifully done! I’m in love with those pulls 🙂 I know what you mean by being messy, I never interrupt creativity with cleaning! lol Then when I’m cleaning up my mess I promise myself to be tidier next time and clean as I go… yah… not working out at all 🙂
    Have a great week!

  2. Love love love this buffet. Please tell me how did you line the paper so perfectly inside the drawers?
    Looks so perfect. I am not so good with cutting and measuring , couple times I did try for my son’s dresser but I wasn’t succeed at all.

  3. I simply adore your work. As far as the paper goes, which type do you use: water activated or peel and stick? I would love to purchase a few of the papers to line some drawers, but I’m unsure which of the above options works best. Thanks!

    • Hi Brandy!

      Thanks so much! I mainly use just regular matte wrapping paper, but really anything works. I usually apply with spray adhesive. Unless I am applying to the outside of a piece, in that case I use Mod Podge and a top coat to seal.

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