Before and After– A 2fer The Sweet Little Desk and Black Armoire

I have to tell you I have been blown away by the amount of support for my little business last week. I have been selling a lot more from home lately while maintaining a pretty good stock at The Modern Cottage Co. I finished 3 pieces for sale (and 2 for a promo…more on that later) and each piece sold within a few minutes or hours of being posted on my Facebook and IG. It’s amazing to me that people are following my work and get excited about what I do. I had a few “pinch me” moments and  I’m so grateful for continued growth and the supportive people around me!  I have a few “before and after” photos for you..first up the armoire. 

This piece would have looked amazing any color. It’s bones are beautiful and I love pieces with drawers hidden on the inside. It’s a great opportunity to paper or paint something fun. I wanted to keep it simple with basic black and have a coordinating paper inside. I chose Pitch Black from Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company. You get the classic color with a milk paint choice but you still get character in the chippy patina. The awesome scallop paper is from Spoonflower (@littlearrowdesigncompany). 





I honestly did no prep work other than cleaning the piece. The wood was in good condition and I wanted the milk paint to do what it does best. I sealed first with Maison Blanche Dark Wax (this continues to be a favorite, I love this stuff). I waited over night and went over the whole thing again with clear wax.  

My next piece was originally going to be green but I kept reaching for this awesome deer print (also Spoonflower @Sparrowson)and I thought Driftwood (OFMPC) would be a good match. 


I did 2 coats of shellac on this one and mixed a little Light Cream milk paint with Driftwood. I like it slightly lighter.  



Have a great week!! 



14 thoughts on “Before and After– A 2fer The Sweet Little Desk and Black Armoire

  1. Great job girl! I love that you left the legs unpainted on the second piece. It just makes me happy. And, congrats on the much deserved pats on the back. You’ve earned them!

  2. Do you have a tutorial on attacking the paper? I ordered some from spoon flower and I’ve only messed it up so far with cutting so I’m afraid to attach it. Help 😩

  3. What amazing transformations!
    Just learned of your blog from Better After. Such great work!
    Would you pleas tell me where you got the amazing knobs on the last one?

  4. I think my heart just broke a little bit, I am so in love with your work. Love the graphic papers. Mixed with paint? Dying for love.

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