How to…Succulent Letter

I wanted to write up a very quick “how-to” on the succulent letter I made for my friend Devons birthday. This won’t be a full tutorial on the measurements  for making the “L” but if you need help I can have Mike write something up. Devon and I were sharing pins on Pinterest and thinking about making some hanging succulents  gardens and I started thinking what a cool birthday gift! I bought a flat of succulents at Fred Meyer (they also have them at Home Depot) for $10…yes $10! You don’t need a lot. The letter was 18″ tall and they fill in nicely. Mike made me a shallow planting box that looked like this… 

Then I added potting soil (a lot of tutorials say to add moss too). 



And then chicken wire. 


Breaking apart the succulents and planting them was probably  the toughest part. I didn’t want to kill them and they are really grown together. I took a butter knife and pull them apart carefully. I ended up cutting some of the holes in the chicken wire bigger and planted bigger sections. 


I think this is a cute way to dress up your front porch. Mike and I are thinking of doing a fun word for the backyard! 😊



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