Stillwater Grey by The Real Milk Paint Co.

About a month ago I received a surprise package from one of my favorite paint companies inside was a really nice new color that I was excited to try. I was surprised and flattered that they chose a color for me that couldn’t be a better fit. It is a nice warm neutral grey with brown tones. I’ve taken the last week or so off, so I was really looking forward to some painting time.


My experience with The Real Milk Paint Co. has been wonderful, anyone who asks me about paint has probably heard me say that I adore them. They are incredibly friendly and have been huge supporters of me. Not only is their packaging eye catching but it is also functional. If you are a milk painter I think you would appreciate the little marble that they include in their cans. It helps mix and froth your paint.  Its like painting with foam, the coverage is amazing, and it just feels good on your brush.


I wish I had a good before picture of this buffet. The last few months I was really heavy on dressers in my back stock and didn’t really have a lot of buffets… and now I am over loaded with 6! I am always inspired by them and I feel like they are really diverse, so people can use them for anything really. I like to work up a little design board. It helps me see the colors and patterns together.


I did very little prep work other than cleaning the piece, I was planning to let the Milk Paint run the show and decide to be chippy or solid. It ended up adhering really well. I did two coats and sanded back with a 220 grit to get a nice smooth finish and take off just enough. I decided to seal this one with Polyurethane (crystal clear, satin finish) to give it some added protection but also a little sheen. I chose to swap out my original knob choice because they just blended the tone a little too much. I think the simple white ones look a little better.




Im off to enjoy the 4th with my family! Have a great holiday everyone!

P.S. Those sweet silhouettes I found at the street fair on our trip to Portland. I had no idea who they were until after we bought them. Can you guess who they are? You can follow the maker on IG @outnerdme.

4 thoughts on “Stillwater Grey by The Real Milk Paint Co.

  1. I just found your blog and love everything you do! I especially love how you finish off your projects with cute knobs and pretty paper! I’ll have to check out Anthropology for knobs.

    I hope to try some milk paint one of these days soon and am wondering if you know a good source nearby. I live in the Bellevue/Redmond area and you seem to be in the general area. I was hoping you knew of a good source to try.

    • Hello! Thank you for reading! You can order most milk paint on Amazon! I usually do because its easier with my kiddos, than going paint shopping. I have a local hardware store here in Maple Valley that carries The Real Milk Paint Co. but Im sure there is somewhere closer to you… 😉 thanks again and have a great day!

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