Sweet Mustard Buffet + Summer Days

Summer is in full swing and around my house that means planning fun days for my kiddos while trying to get in a little (just a little) time to paint. This summer has been a little easier than  I thought.

I really like a good back stock of furniture, it helps with my creativity and is very helpful when working with clients. But that usually means my studio (a 2 car garage) is full, at least it has been this past Winter and Spring.  A few weeks ago we reorganized and played the stacking game. It cleared a lot of space! It is so nice painting out there again. It feels like my own world, even if its not nearly as organized as it used to be. So for the past two weeks I have been able to play with the kids and  work for a bit throughout the day. Its working nicely.
I feel like with most shades of yellow its important to put on a few extra coats and pay some attention to coverage. Its a harder shade to get right. Speaking of shade, this is my first time using this particular one… and I think Im a little shocked myself because of WHAT shade it is! Its Miss Mustard Seed’s –Mustard Seed Yellow. I ordered it a few months ago…Ive been eager to try new shades and explore some newness altogether.  I was really happy with it! My usual go to Mustard is a bit darker so it was a slight change but much softer. I really enjoy Marian’s color palette in general, I am so drawn to her greens and have used them quite a bit in the past. This yellow is a perfect mix of soft subtle cottage-y yellow with a bold mustard tones.



Paper is a huge part of what I love about painting furniture. I think its so fun to open a piece and see a fun pattern inside, and it really cleans it up and makes it feel new. Im working on a little more info for you on this topic so stay tuned. This print is one I ordered a long time ago from Spoonflower.com (more on that later too).



I live a bit in the country here in the Pacific Northwest, down the street from my house there is a gravel path about a half mile long leading to our favorite lake. Most summers we spend our days swimming with Clementine in the water. This summer has been idling in the 60’s somedays and we are lucking for low 70’s, so we haven’t been able to enjoy it as much. But between coats of yellow we ran up there and took the dogs off leash and let them play. Charlie is growing fast and testing Clementines limits of patience.  Here is a very quick post I did a few years ago when we took Clem to the lake to swim. IMG_4311


I actually really love the low temp summer we are having… It’s like Fall or an extended Spring. I have some fun pieces planned for the next few weeks! Have a great Sunday!


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